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Spending time, gaining experience posted at 5:55 PM

~ Supercell - Kokuhaku

London: "I wonder if you remember, when I fell in love with you, I had an idea that I would definitely make you,who doesn’t even smile, laugh."

Today me and my sister Paris went shopping in the city to buy a birthday present for our father. We wanted to come up with something original, but we didn't find something we wanted to give. So we searched further untill we found it. I have to be careful what I write, because our perants read our blog, so nothing will be revealed here either. It's so nice and warm in Belgium now. It makes me happy though I have to work on essays. Hoeray -.-" Well, I look forward to our journey to France, though I'm a little afraid to travel with a plane. Anyway, what do you think of this adorable top and skirt with clouds from Choies? It's perfect for summer! It summer itself in my opinion. I love wearing this two-piece suit sooo much! Anyway, we wish you a lovely week! Loves, London and Paris.

Top and Skirt: Choies - Sandals: Schoenenreus - Bag: Vintage


I softly swear, I will make my dream come true! posted at 8:34 PM

Yakusoku - Hihaya Kisaragi

London: "As pain someday changes into courage, memories will change into love."

Hello dear maddies! I do apologize for not commenting back or answering questions. Me and Paris are very busy at the moment, but I promise I'll make time soon. Now I quickly make this post because I felt like it.
Have you ever felt like escaping all that surrounds you. Walking past the days of tomorrow, not wondering between worlds. I am so desperate at escaping my haunting thoughts and experiences that I can't do anything anymore. The sun was warm these past few day. I sit and look at the clouds. The blue sky, the soft sighing wind comes closer to my eyes. A memory that wont appear. It's getting harder each day, because the years pass by so quickly and before we know we are old. An airplane shoots through the sky. What is is the sky clear and bright. We stare with big eyes. What did your face look like back than? I don't know why but I can't recall. A welcoming, painful reality passes by and it passed by very quickly. Our chosen days pass by very slowly, but can fall quick. Playtime is over in only a few days. I think that somewhere on this road, we realized over... 'We will never forget what it's like to walk forward'. Our footsteps running, running towards our future days dreaming about the tomorrows we make. We can't go back, we can only meet the future days. We know, soon, it all will be over. This secret place is our last page. Lost as we were. A summer sky as bright as this one. We won't cry, we laugh and turn the page. I know, maybe, we'll meet again.


Flamigo posted at 5:44 PM

Thursday again. I'm working in a factory for almost two weeks now. I'm tired, but it pays well. Two weeks to go! How are you guys? Are you doing a job as a student as well? This weekend my boyfriend planed something, but I don't know what. So I'm really excited.
Now, the outfit. I want to show you this sweater from MrGugu and Miss Go. It's such a nice sweater? It's made from a very soft textile. It feel very confortable and looks so nice! They have amazing things on their site. I wish I could buy everything they had, but that is not possible I guess. They even have a sweater with a hamburger on it! I wish you a nice happy weekend!

Paris is wearing: Sweater: MrGugu and Miss Go- Skirt: Chicwish - Shoes: River Island - Socks: H&M

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